“The British Deer Stalking Bible” by Peter Carr. Review.

“The British Deer Stalking Bible” by Peter Carr was another Christmas present I never managed to read when I got it, but finally found some time to finish it.

It is a bit different book as author says more about “you can do it too” book, not “how to” book, but it is a bit both actually.

First chapter is about equipment and if you know Zeiss scope, Swarovski binoculars and Sauer rifle with Norma ammo is all you need you can skip that part 😆 I am joking, it is not too bad. I guess it is not easy to tell about deer stalking equipment as we are all biased…

Second chapter is much more interesting and talks about stalking tactics. I would honestly recommend reading that part, a lot of useful information and it could help a novice to improve their success rate.

Next couple of chapters are about UK six deer species. They are all arranged the same way and talk a bit about history, biology and contain a short deer stalking story/report. It is very nice to read, but for me the pleasure of reading it was a bit spoiled by the fact I have read it already in Sporting Rifle magazine, but I guess it is not a real problem.

Additional chapters talk about sheep, goat, wild boar and foxes and are quite interesting as well as final chapter about gralloch and deer dogs.

The book was a good read with great pictures, nice addition to anybody’s collection.

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  1. Books are very good to read. I have a lot of different books about hunting, training hunting dogs, recepies. We now start our work for the season. I´m involved as a hunting leader and also as a secretary of the board we have. We will now meet next week. We have at last get new memers in our team. We are 24 members. It has been difficult because the forrest company increased the payment. Now its SEK 8000 per member.

    We will plan moosehunting,hog hunting and roe hunting. We will take it easy on roes because of the bad winters 2009-2010. We have to work on our hunting towers, get away lot of small trees for good shoots.

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