Controlling Urban Deer by David Quarrell. Review.

Don’t know about other regions of the United Kingdom, but certainly in Scottish Central Belt we all could over the years see more and more deer close to roads, motorways and towns. Not only a single deer here and there, but a groups of 4-6 or even more roe deer feeding on a side of the motorway or close to shopping centre’s car parks is not uncommon any more. This increase in pri urban deer numbers has obvious benefits, but also challenges. Increased number of road traffic accidents (RTAs) is the main danger, as well as deer impact on agriculture and forestry, especially new plantations. We all agree good deer management is beneficial to deer and land, but due to many factors (mainly constant human presence) urban deer management is more challenging than managing farmland or forestry, and requires additional skills and knowledge. David Quarrell’s “Controlling Urban Deer” is a guide showing how to manage deer in such environment.

“Controlling Urban Deer” by David Quarrell is a 30 page brochure / eBook explaining all you need to know about peri urban deer management. David is a well known person in deer stalking world here in Scotland and he has been successfully controlling deer around Glasgow for many years. The guide starts with explanation of benefits of urban deer control and and the need of risk assessment. The author talks about deer (roe deer in this case) and specifics of tackling urban roe problems.

Next chapters talk about clothing, rifles and other equipment required to do the job. A sound moderators is an obvious requirement as is the choice of clothing. Roe sack and rifle slip are also required. Additional chapters talk about rekonesans, high seats, shot placement and how to behave when confronted by a member of the public.

Controlling urban deer is definitely not for everyone, but the guide is highly recommended and well worth reading. You can download your copy from the Stalking Directory

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