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All content on this page and all my youtube videos are available for free. Hunting and filming is my passion I would like to keep sharing it with you. To be honest, I much prefer filming to writing (and don’t have time to do both), so this is what I have been concentrating on for a while (…hope you don’t mind…).

I am not sponsored by any company and am not getting paid for showing any gear I use. I use the gear that works for me and I buy it spending my hard earned cash.

Having said that, in film-making there are things that are free or can be achieved at reduced cost (Did you see my DIY nightvision camera series?) and things that cost a lot. I am currently using quite outdated Panasonic camcorder that starts showing its age. I would love to create more videos and of better quality, and upgrade my workflow to support 4k video resolution, but it is a significant expense. I will get there, but probably not immediately.

Same goes for night filming. I shoot quite a lot of wild boar at night, but not showing the footage as it is nearly impossible to film at night without investing in more advanced nightvision and thermal equipment. I think many of you would like to see this kind of videos, and I will get there, but having seen the cost of good quality thermal, it may just take a while…

With your support these goals just will be much easier to achieve. I would much rather be supported by my true fans than sponsors and advertising. This is why I started my Patreon account.

How Patreon works

Patreon is a crowd funding platform that allows fans (patrons) to pledge a monthly amount they are willing pay a chosen creator. This is much preferred way of supporting someone like myself – a youtube creator, who instead of a one-off project releases regular content. You can pledge as little as $1, but there are various tiers and associated rewards. I offer my patrons insights to how I create my videos, as well as early access to films before they officially get published, but more importantly I would like to create a close community of people who are as passionate about hunting as I am. Those who show their appreciation have a chance to help me decide where to go next and how to develop my channel. I will listen to your feedback and hopefully as a result create better videos. If you want to be a part of this community, please become my patron.

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Other ways to support me

There are other ways to support me. If you have a gear you can donate and you think could be useful (photo, video, hunting etc.), please get in touch. I am always looking for brass, bullets, reloading equipment and components, and anything hunting related that could be used in film-making.

If you would like to support me directly, please use my PayPal account.

Remember, I am a hunter like yourself! If you want to invite me to hunt with you and film hunting at your place, please get in touch. I am always looking forward to meeting new people and seeing new places!

Last but not least, please share my work with your friends. At the time of writing, there are well over 20,000 youtube subscribers, facebook followers and other social media fans. Please be an active member of this community and help me grow my audience even further.

Thanks for reading that far 😉

All the best and happy hunting!