Roe doe open season. First roe kid this year, Poland.

After staying with my wife’s family for a few days we came to visit my parents and I had a few more days to go out stalking as well as attend a driven wild boar hunt, which turned out to be a real disappointment with no one shooting anything… But that is hunting…

I went out a few times trying to track down some wild boar, but with tons of acorns under oak trees they were staying in the forestry and did not go out onto open areas. Even with a full moon it was still to dark to get a shot inside the forestry as most of the leaves were still on the trees. A few days of frosty nights and wind would help.

I spent one morning on a high seat waiting for wild boar or red deer coming from the rape field back to the forestry, and although I saw a hind with a calf I did not pull the trigger. I only had a permission to take a hind, but since she was with a calf I never shot her.

The sun was rising when I spotted a few roe deer, but they got to the woods before I could sex them. After a few minutes a pair of roe went out of the forestry to feed on the rape field. It was still a bit too dark, but after a couple of minutes I noticed 10cm spikes on one roe, and after looking hard on the second one I finally spotted a single 2cm button on his head…

Following morning I decided a stalk might be more productive than sitting on the high seat. I was on the edge of the fields at the first light. Waited for a few minutes, but nothing was coming back to the forestry so I followed the track along the edge of the wood. After a few hundreds yards I spotted two roe coming my way. They were maybe 60-70m away, but it was still to early to be sure what they were. They looked like a doe with a kid, but it was still to early to be sure. They went to the trees and soon were gone.

I let the two roe disappear and waited for a few more minutes before going away from the forestry and into the fields. I followed a hedge row just to see if there was any roe over the hill. When I was walking along the hedge I spotted a white patch in front of me. I put the rifle on the sticks and watched the roe through the rifle scope. It was a doe with two kids. One kid was male, the other one was female. I watched them for a short while to make sure which roe was a doe and which was a kid, and when I was sure I put the cross hairs on the kids shoulder and squeezed the trigger.

The deer dropped on the spot kicking, the doe run one way, the buck kid in opposite direction. I watched them for a moment and approached the shot kid when the other two disappeared.

The kid was 11kg, not too much for this area and this time of year.


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