Red hind. Deer hunting in Poland.

This year I missed Polish red deer rut. I decided to visit my father-in-law in October instead. Last year we saw many stags, however all but one were not shootable. All were young medal class animals 14, 16, 18, 20-pointers, not cull stags. We saw one old 10-pointer and spent most of the holiday trying to catch up with him, and when we finally did, he never offered a safe shot. .. So idea for this year was to skip the rut and come in October when both hinds and stags were in season.

My father-in-law had a nice 6-pointer for me to take, he had been seeing him frequently over the last couple of months. He was a nice animal, 4-5 years old, but still a 6-pointer, well bellow expectations. He suppose to be 10 or 12-pointer at that age…

Any typically we could not find the stag. We again saw quite a lot of deer, various stags, a lot of hinds, but not the 6-pointer we wanted to take.

Eventually we agreed to take a hind as I had only one day left. We went for a morning stalk in the area where we saw deer previously. It was very quiet and misty. We slowly followed the track when suddenly my father-in-low stopped and we could see a group of deer between the trees.

There was plenty of hinds with calves, but we still hoped to find a suitable stag, but no, there was 10-12 animals, but all were hinds and calves. It was not easy to select the hind without a calf, but we finally agreed one of the young hinds looked like she was without a follower. They were coming towards us and I had to be quick as the wind was swirling around. I put the cross hairs on her shoulder as she was quartering towards me and squeezed the trigger.  .30-06 bullet hit and the hind dropped on the spot.

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