1. Congrats to the double.
    Good that the one with the bad Hoof was taken.
    I Think it was females you took. We avoid that but we dont have so many roes than you.

    Your video again is very proffessional. Great work again. Love it.

    We did some training yesterday with Ayla. 90 minutes and no track of roes. Read my post and the video. One of my puppies 6 months got her first roe a 8ponter. Sure her Dad was happy. ALways some special to shoot the first roe for your dog

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video. This time of year until end of March we shoot only does with an odd buck in protected areas were they are shot even out of season.
      I watched your video, very nice buck. I wish I could have a tracking dog but it is not possible at the moment.
      Thanks for your comment.

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