First does of the season

I pretty much missed red deer rut and does season already started I had not been out much. I had been busy at work and more importantly at home expecting new baby’s arrival. Although when I got invitation from a friend to joint him on a morning stalk after roe does I accepted his kind offer as it was not too far away from our home and I could be back in 30 minutes in case something happened.

We met at 6:45 and after a short drive I was dropped off at the edge of plantation. I went to a doe box overlooking a ride and small clearing inside plantation. Plantation borders pasture on one side and unfortunately a group of cows decided to have a nap at the corner of the field only 10m from the doe box I was going to. One of the cows spotted me and they all ran away making a lot of noise. I sat down in the box loaded rifle and set up a tripod when the cows decided to come back and check what I was… šŸ™„

I was looking back every 10 minutes or so and they were still there. I thought I was going to have a blank outing when they were still there an hour later standing at the fence all staring at the doe box, but fortunately they heard a farmer also woke up and went to bother him instead. šŸ˜†

Roe does season

It already feels like the does season (21st October – 31st March here in Scotland). It is not too cold yet, but leaves are changing colors, geese moving south could be heard in the mornings and deer have a nice new full winter coat. I really enjoy these dark and gloomy mornings. As much as I enjoy stalking, a high seat or sitting in a doe box like this morning often proves to be more effective at the does season.

It was after 8am when I spotted a movement in front of me. I could clearly see two does between the grass going from left to right. I saw they were a doe with a female kid. Today I had my .223 Rem Tikka M595 rifle with me, but before I grabbed the rifle I turned on the camera. One of the deer disappeared between the grass when I found the second one in the scope. This one also turned and wanted to go between the trees and tall grass but was still offering a quartering shot.

I pulled the trigger and saw the bullet strike. At the same time I realized it was the doe I shot and the kid was leading at the time, not a doe as a minute earlier… šŸ™„ I reloaded and waited for the kid to step out of the cover, unfortunately it ran left where the shot doe went and I could not see it any more.

I waited for couple more minutes responding to texts from a friend that heard a shot. Thankfully, I spotted a movement again and the kid jumped through the grass and paused on the ride. I could not see the shoulder clearly as it was behind some grass, but I squeezed a shot anyway. Reaction was good and the deer jumped up and dashed to my right. She never crossed the ride going up in front of the doe box so I was confident she should not be far.

I found the doe within 20 yards from the place where she was when I pulled the trigger. I could not find the kid and spent some time circling around when I eventually found it on the open at edge of the ride. šŸ™„ Both shots were good and both animals in good condition. These roe deer are much nicer condition to what I am used to in the forestry. The doe was just over 40 lbs and kid 28lbs.

Interesting thing was the doe had broken leg that healed and she managed to raise a good size kid too.

Deer Stalking Video

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