Wind damage January 2012

I have not been out since I got a fox on New Year’s day… We have had a few days of strong winds and quite a lot of wind damage in Central Belt area.
When I was out last weekend I found out our bit suffered badly from the wind. There had been areas severely damaged before and forestry company never did anything about it. I think these areas should have been replanted as with 60-70% of trees on the ground it can be hardly called forestry anymore… But now it is even worse. Usually poor quality pine trees were down, but now even large sitka spruce and younger trees are on the ground. In one place were 10-12 years old trees were hit they all went down and in this 100x200m size area non of the trees survived… At least forestry people cleared the track (must have been bikers complaining…)
I also saw bugger all… 😐

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