Wildlife and Natural Environment Act (Scotland)

I think I should mention WANE act as it may affect some of us starting 1st April 2012.

Basically WANE Act changed section 5 and 26 of the Deer Act (Scotland) dated 1996 i.e. closed season part of the law and owner/occupier rights.

Used to a owner/occupier could cull out of season when  suffering/likely to suffer deer damage. Under new legislation now everyone needs authorisation for out of season culling from  SNH and no female deer can be culled between 1st April to 31st August.

The WANE Act is available here, but it is not pleasant to read as it was written (or at least Part III of the act covering deer) as a series of changes to the Deer Act 1996, so if one wants to understand all changes one should have two texts open. I looked at it and for me it all generally means more power to SNH and bureaucrats…

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    1. Dont read it if you dont have to, it is really boring. The changes should not affect any recreational deer stalker it is more about out of season shooting and land owner/occupier rights.

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