Black and white boar. Wild boar hunting in Poland.

This is this time of year again. We go back to Poland once or twice a year to visit our families and I usually try to go out stalking as well when I am there. We split the time between mine and my wife’s family, so I either go out hunting with my dad or my father-in-law. This time my wife’s family was first we visited and I was out with her father a few times, and on my own when the old man could not wake up before 3am for a morning stalk 😆

Wild boar hunting in Poland.

As I got a few roebucks this season already I wanted to concentrate on wild boar. June is not the best month for hunting pigs as vegetation is quite high already, but at least all sows should have young with them. Earlier it is quite difficult to sex them as a single animal can be a boar or sow and piglets might not be with a sow feeding, could be hidden and then the only sure identifier is to look under the belly, but with high vegetation it is not always possible. This time of year the safest option is to find a group of yearlings. They often stick together and should be approximately same size.

My father-in-law had seen pigs feeding in a few places, so we went to have a look. We popped on a few fields, saw plenty of deer and other wildlife, but all the pigs we saw were females with young. Finally we found a group of yearlings feeding on the side of the forestry track. I put rifle on sticks and was watching them through the scope. They were very nervous as it is often the problem with yearlings. Any noise can spook them. I saw the first one coming out (male), second (male) and third (male), then black-and-white spotty one (could not sex it) and then two more, roughly half the size of the four that came out first. I was waiting for the one of the three that came out first to turn broadside when a roe barked somewhere near us and all of then run away… 🙄

We waited 30 minutes for them to came out again and we were loosing light. One after another they were crossing the track, but none of them paused long enough to be clearly identifiable. They stood near the track but it was not possible to select one for the shot. After a few more minutes they were crossing the track again. When the spotty one came out on the track I could see the pizzle underneath and there was no time to be wasted and when he paused for a moment I squeezed the trigger of the .30-06 Mannlicher.

Two of the boar run towards us on one side of the road, and the rest run the other way. We could hear one of the pigs running near us and the other one a bit further away. It all went quiet soon… Up to the place where the boar stood, we found some blood, but not much further on. We went roughly at the direction we heard it run and found more blood and then the boar went into higher vegetation and we could clearly see more blood on the grass and nettles.

We found it dead about 150-200m away from the place of shot. A bit of a fat blocked the exit wound hence not much blood initially, but he was pouring blood from the entry wound… strange.. Anyway, a nice boar at about 45kg.


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  1. Love you post and video. You document it so well and it´s so exciting to read about your hunting adventures.
    We have probalbly a lot of them this year because of the warm winter. They breed in December already

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