The rut is starting

It looks like the rut is just starting. I was out stalking a couple of time over the last two weeks and despite hot weather all I saw were does or I had completely blank outings. All bucks disappeared and I could not find any. That is how stalking usually looks like in July. The grass is very tall everywhere and it is generally diffcult to spot a roe in it. Also roe tend to be active only at first and last light and hiding somewhere away from midges. The bucks also keep low profile before the rut.

A friend invited me to join him stalking Saturday morning. It was beautiful morning with clear sky and slight breeze kept midges away. I sat on a high seat that was lucky for me before and waited for any movement. I soon spotted a roe far on the ride. It was a bit too far and I could only see it for a short bit of time, but I could not see any antlers so it must have been doe or a wee button buck. The deer soon moved away. I kept watching this area and soon enough I spotted a buck crossing the ride in the same place I saw the previous deer. This time I could clearly see it was a nice 4-pointer.

The buck crossed the ride and soon disappeared between the trees. I took a roe call out of my pocket and gave a few calls. I gave a few more peeps on the call and suddenly spotted a buck no more that 20m away in front of the high seat… but no chance of a shot. I made myself ready, but the buck went away between the trees and I could not see it. I kept watching the space between the trees I was hoping to spot him when another buck stepped out on the ride to my right.

I quickly shouldered my rifle, but the buck was about to disappear on the other side of the ride in the plantation. I gave a short bark and the buck paused at the edge of the ride. I aimed behind the shoulder and squeezed the trigger. The buck turned around and ran where he came from and I could clearly see the exit wound. I came down and went to the place the buck stood when I took the shot. Soon enough I spotted blood and lung tissue. I followed the buck trail and the buck was no more that 30m away.

A friend was also lucky and he went to the other place and called the buck in from 300m to 20m, so they started responding to the call, so hopefully we should see some rutting activity soon.




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