Spring is coming

We still have a few roe does and kids to take before season ends on 31st March so I was out to catch up with the cull. I saw some red deer, but unfortunately no roe deer. Well, that’s stalking. One can’t be successful each time and it is great to be out anyway. It was nice frosty morning, but it already felt like Spring. Birds were singing and when the sun came up it was really nice.

It was a bit too crunchy to stalk that morning. If there were any deer around they could hear me coming miles away. It would have been better to stay on a high seat, but I fancied a walk.

I sat for a moment at the top of the forestry looking towards Loch Lomond and did not want to go back home…

It is already end February, only a month of doe season left and… buck season starts! ūüėÜ Can’t wait.


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