It has been strange Spring so far. We had a few nice days and then it became cold again with snow on the hills and in the forestry. I decided to give it a go anyway and got to the forestry gate at the very first light. Some of the rides had been cut and on the very first that been recently cleared I spotted a something white. There were still some patches of snow here and there, but when I looked again through my binoculars the white patch disappeared…

It was still too dark to see anything so I decided to wait. After couple of minutes I saw a movement closer to me. It was quiet and not much cover, but I slowly got a bit closer on the ride. There was a roe deer, but I was still not sure whether it was a doe or a buck.


After 10 minutes or so I could see little roe’s backside with no anal tush… so it was a wee buck. 😎 I got a tiny bit closer and could now see it was a spiker still in velvet. I got my rifle off the shoulder and on sticks and waited a bit more hoping it could get light enough to get some decent footage, but then another buck popped out off the trees and crossed the ride.

It looked like they were together and the spiker would soon follow his 6-pointer friend, so I decided to take a shot before it was too late.

It was not easy as now the buck was quartering away and sometimes I could only see the neck and its back. He was going to follow the 6-pointer so when he stood broadside with his head down I pulled the trigger.

It dropped on the spot kicking. I reloaded, but the kicking soon stopped and he was not going anywhere.

Hornady 87gr bullet did a good job and it was a low neck shot. Very pleased with this .243Win reloads so far, damaging on neck shots but surprisingly little meat damage when through the ribs.

I have been also getting on well with the Blaser, I ended up using it a lot recently. More often than any other rifles.


Thanks a lot for watching my videos, I am getting close to 1,000,000 views on YouTube. I hope you enjoy my videos, even if this particular one was filmed in low light and is not the best quality, but it is stalking and not every buck is shot in good light. 🙄

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  1. Great vid, like always. Truly happy I found your beautiful blog!
    I’ll embed some of your videos to my hunter club’s website, hope you don’t mind.

    You use perfect calibre for roe.
    For now I’m mostly using my small, lightweight .223 for stalking roe in forest, and 30-06 for those high stands, where I can also expect red deer or wild boar.

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