September buck. Fifth roebuck of the season 2011, Scotland.

After not having much luck early in the season I started seeing bucks again.  Old bucks were hiding somewhere resting after the rut, but young bucks started moving about.

I thought it would be another blank morning. Very little wind and quiet, I do not have much luck in these conditions here… I was going back to the car but spotted a movement on the ride. There was a roe and I thought it was a buck as could see white patch above the nozzle, but it was too far away to be sure.

I wanted to get closer, but the roe disappeared. I got a bit closer and a roe appeared on the ride again. However, that one was different and was looking directly at me. I could not see any antlers even when it was looking directly at me. When it moved and crossed the ride I could see it was a buck, but must have very little buttons or nothing on the head. Before I could get the rifle on the sticks it disappeared between the trees again.. Damn..

Today I had my Mannlicher Pro Hunter .308Win with Zeiss 4.5-14×50 Conquest riflescope . I turned the magnification down a bit and watched through the scope. It was not too far away and while I usually keep it set to x7, I find it easier to watch at short ranges with the scope set to about x5.

I kept waiting with the rifle on the sticks just to see another buck coming out of the trees. This one was the buck I saw earlier. He was quartering away from me a was about to follow his mate, so when he paused for a moment I pulled the trigger.

He dropped on the spot and the 150 grain SST did a good job again.

Fifth roebuck of the season 2011

He was 13kg.

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