Second roebuck of the season 2011. Deer stalking in Poland.

After taking a good buck at home we went to see my wife’s family. I am fortunate enough that my father-in-low is also a hunter and when we are visiting my parents I can go out and stalk over 50,000 acres of farmland and forestry, but also when visiting my wife’s family, I can go out with my father-in-low.

His ground is a bit different from the land my hunting club leases. While our land is a 50/50 mixture of  farmland and broad-leaf woodland with plenty of wild boar,  roe, some fallow and a bit of red deer, this is predominantly forestry with red deer as main species.

We were after wild boar as well, but to no avail. Roe were quite elusive, but we waited for the sunrise as it is often the case with roe in Spring. They tend to feed early and then lay up somewhere, but as soon as the sun comes up and it is getting warmer after a chilly start, they get up and feed again.

We were lucky enough to spot a few roe, so started getting closer, when we spied another one. This one looked like a roebuck, so we decided to get closer. Could not get any closer than 150m as there was a road and buildings behind the buck, so if we wanted to take a shot, there would be no safe backstop, so we waited for him to move away from the bushes covering him in order to have a better view.

He obeyed and we could have a good look. He had one of the antlers broken off, and did not look to be in a good condition for the area, so I put a rifle and the sticks and send him .30-06 bullet.

We lost sight of him and went to see if there was any pins or paint anywhere. I soon spotted a good trail and followed it. He was down there, maybe 40m away from the place where I shot him.

Second roebuck of the season 2011

He was 16kg and looked like a victim of a minor RTA or …fence. The antler just hang on a piece of velvet, could not see any other injuries, so fence is more likely. Another reason I am not a fan of fencing… The antler was not fully developed yet, and another antler was clear off velvet, so I am guessing he must have happened a few weeks earlier.

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