Roebuck with canine tooth

My last outing was very interesting (thanks again for inviting me)…

I not only saw a false rut, but I also got quite unusual trophy.

On the first look the buck seems like a typical yearling, nothing to be excited about, but not for me. I boiled him out anyway as he had something I had never seen before – a canine tooth. OK, it is not that uncommon, but it was my first. I shot quite a few bucks over the last 12 years, but never managed to take one with tusks. I saw a few pictures in deer books and hunting magazines as it is well documented phenomenon, but I never actually got one, till last weekend.

To make things more interesting the buck got the tooth well erupted, but only on one side. After boiling out I could see there was not even a sign of the canine tooth on the other side.

I hope you share my excitement 😆

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