Roebuck calling

Buttolo roe deer call

This season I bought new universal roe deer call. Previous seasons I usually used a couple of different calls. I still often take a Buttolo rubber bulb that is probably easiest call to use. Just squeeze the bulb and roebuck comes ๐Ÿ™„ However, sometimes he does not want to come to the usual doe call and other tricks are needed… I also don’t think the sound the call produces is perfect. I often cover both side holes to create softer more natural sound. To my ears a doe call should be shorter and lower and the call the is produced by Buttolo sounds more like kid’s call or something in between kid’s and doe’s call. It still usually works mind you, but I have had more success with other calls. One advantage of a Buttolo not many people use is making a terror call. Again, this is not perfect, at least I can’t make the sound I would be 100% happy with, but it is usable. One disadvantage of a Buttolo is that it is difficult to get any call variation from it. All sounds are very consistent and monotony is not a good thing in case of roe calling and it does not sound natural.
I have had more success with a Hubertus cherrywood call that can be tuned higher for kid’s call and lower to make doe’s sound and it is easier to blow it softer or louder and cover the call with hands to get nicer calls. I also found it easier to make shorter and longer notes by blowing the call than squeezing the bulb.
However this season I got myself a universal call that can make any sound as it simply has a reed with a rubber band on it. It is more difficult to use as it is more of an instrument and I had to practice a lot, but overall results were much better. I used kid’s call and kid’s terror call to draw in does, I called bucks I used to would not even try to call in and it is just one call instead of several I used to carry with me.

Buck from the oats field

I went out one morning to a large filed of oats. It was quite windy and I wanted to have a look whether I could find a good buck there and possibly a wild boar later on. There was little cover so I sat under a single bush I found on the edge of the field and gave a few calls. Immediately I spotted a doe and a kid stood up 100m in from of me and another doe just a few meters away from where I was, that soon spotted me and ran away. I gave a few more kid’s calls and the doe stopped, turned around and came to 15m. I stopped calling and let her go after taking a few pictures. It is great feeling when they come that close. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
I soon spotted a buck following a doe, but he was keeping to the middle of the field and there was absolutely no cover to get any closer and it was too windy to get his attention with a call. When it got darker I went closer to where I thought he was but only bumped on a couple of does and a wild boar. It was getting dark and I could not possibly get my car to the place so let the boar go.
Following morning I sat on a high seat at the other end of the field. As soon as I got there I spotted a buck lying down about 200m away. It was still too dark to get any decent footage so I was not in a rush to call him in and the buck was lying calm. Weather was not great and it soon started raining a bit, but the buck was still in the same spot. I decided to give him 15 minutes more, but a spiker showed up in the field behind the buck and my buck stood up to check out what was going on and as soon as the yearling buck saw the big buck, he ran away and the older buck chased him.
There was little point waiting now, as I did not want the buck to go further away from the high seat, and started calling. The buck soon appeared again and was nicely coming to my call. I set up the camera and was waiting patiently. There was little point rushing a shot when he was coming towards me. However, I failed to notice a doe also responded to the call and came from behind the seat, stood underneath and when I called again she looked up and spotted me… ๐Ÿ™„ She ran away across the field barking and the buck followed her ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Now I had to call more aggressively to draw the buck back to me. This was the moment when the new call showed its superiority to a Buttolo. I tried a few terror calls and a jealousy call. He stopped following the doe and came back to the call. I called a few more times and he appeared not far away from the seat and I finally could pull the trigger.
The buck ran a few yards and dropped to the heart/lungs shot. Really exciting hunt. I was really proud of myself. :mrgreen:

Roe deer calling video

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