Red deer rut. September 2012.

I was not planning a hunting trip to Poland this September, but due to family commitments we had to go and made it a week’s holiday. I went out with my father-in-low a few times. There were a few red stags bellowing the first evening. We got to the ride where were two stags on opposite sides of the ride roaring and challenging one another, but only made a lot of noise, broke plenty of branches, but never started real fight. Only one stag broke cover and it was not great cull animal (what we were after), but youngish 10-12 pointer. We connected with the second stag later on, but he was even younger 14-pointer.

Weather changed and it was very quiet the following morning and we could not hear any roaring. Fortunately, we spotted a nice stag resting in the high grass. My father-in-low called quietly and the stag stood up. It was really nice stag, but 7-8 years old and far too nice to be shot.

In the evening we stalked onto a large group of reds at the last light. There was a stag with them and we tried to get closer to him and not be spotted by numerous hinds. We were about 100m away when we heard the stags fighting. Another stag came close to the group and challenged the master stag. We quickly got to 10-20m from the fighting stags, but it was difficult to see the antlers and age them. They fought for about 5 minutes, stronger stag chased the other stag away, but never came back closer and followed the hinds.

In the morning a few stags were roaring, but it was difficult to locate the stags as they were on the move. Eventually we stalked onto a stag. It was not my lucky day as it was again a young stag with good antlers. We packed and went back home, but on our way back we spotted a hind with a stag. Jumped off the car and quickly stalked to have a better look, and again a young promising stag.

I made a few pictures as I really like the way forestry looks in autumn. Please have a look at the video and rate in on You Tube.







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