On the deer path by David Barrington Barnes. New deer stalking book review.

onthedeerpath I was really looking forward getting a new book about deer stalking when I found an add included in one of the issues of the Deer magazine from the BDS. It was a new book On the Deer Path by David Barrington Barnes. The author is known to many from his articles in Sporting Rifle magazine so when I saw the add he had published a book I bought one.

This is the type of book I enjoy most: personal deer stalking memories, but written by an experienced deer stalker so anyone can find a bit of useful advice about stalking and deer management. The author is a lowland deer manager down south and has roe, muntjac and fallow on his ground. I have little experience with fallow and muntjac and found the book very interesting when David Barrington Barnes writes about when he first found muntjac on his ground, about managing fallow bucks and difficulties with executing fallow does cull plan. The book tells the story how the author starting with shooting rights on one farm became deer manager on a large estate still having time for his career as a lawyer.

The book is about 150 pages and would make a good Christmas gift to any deer stalker. I enjoyed it a lot and can honestly recommend it.

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