New Year’s Fox

Many people believe that if you are successful on the first day of the year, it will be a good year. Having this is mind I was out deer stalking at about noon. I wanted to have a long walk and check zero of my rifle. Absolutely nothing was moving and when it was getting dark, best time to sit and wait for deer, it started raining…

I was on my way to the track and back to the car, when I spotted something on the track not so far away. There was a fox sitting in the middle of the track about 50m away looking at me.

Very, very slowly I took the rifle of my shoulder and put it on the sticks. The fox was still looking at me, when I got him in the cross hairs. I put the cross on his chest and squeezed the trigger. He dropped on the spot.

Now looking forward to having a good year hunting 😉

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  1. She/he was there waiting for you just to give you all the luck you want…:) i did to i went for a walk and a cock pheasant jump and i have to take it, i shoot a few crows to:)

    best regards


    1. Well done. I do miss some wing shooting here. Must start knocking on farmer’s doors to get some at least pigeon shooting…



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