New scope for the Blaser – Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20×50

New riflescope

When I got my Blaser R93 Professional rifle I put my spare scope on top of it. It was an old Zeiss 2.5-10×52 with #1 post reticule. I quite like this scope and I shot a few deer when it was on my .308 and it is good in low light, but for the .243 I always wanted something else. The .243 Win is a cartridge that is quite flat shooting and can be used for longer range and I thought I could try some target shooting at some point using this barrel. I fancied something with more magnification and a thinner reticule more suitable for target shooting.

I got a voucher from Eurooptic and started looking thorough their inventory for a suitable scope. I was tempted by Vortex Viper PST scope that features illuminated reticules and nice turrets, but I didn’t know how it would perform in low light, so decided to go for tried and tested quality product. I already own Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14×50 and it is by far the best scope I own and same quality as European Zeiss, Swaro and Schmidt and Bender scopes I used. As Zeiss now introduced Conquest HD5, original Conquest line scopes could be purchased at more affordable prices. I went for 6.5-20×50 model with target turrets and #20 Z-plex reticule.

Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20×50

This is the biggest scope of the Conquest line. There is  a broad choice of reticules in the second focal plane (apart from 3-12×56 model that offers #8 reticule in the first focal plane) including fancy Rapid Z and my favorite #4 cross hairs. Unfortunately Zeiss discontinued 6.5-20×50 model with #4 reticule and they are quite difficult to get now so I went for #20 instead. I am guessing #4 models were popular to be imported from the US and that is why Zeiss decided to discontinue them as they were still cheaper and I believe more interesting than newer Zeiss Duralyt scopes available in Europe.

The scope has parallax control and target turrets with 1/4″ clicks. I mounted it on the rifle using new QD mounts I got from Bojan Stoyanow. He sells a good choice of European made Blaser mounts on eBay. They are much cheaper than original Blaser QD mounts, but they look good quality. I will report back how they perform in a long run, but so far I am very please with it.

I zeroed the rifle with just a couple of shots and shot a 4 shot group to make sure it is where I want it. The scope looks crystal clear and I am looking forward to use it more. I also had it when stalking at first and last light and Z-lex scope was easily visible. I am sure we will get along just fine 😆




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  1. How did you get a scope mailed from the USA, as Europtic and others like them say they’ll not send outside the USA? Have you got a pal who lives in the USA. If you do, you are a lucky bloke.

    Look forward to hearing how good the mounts are in due course.


    1. Hi Simon,

      I had no problems having it sent to me from Europtics. They posted it no problems, but you are right some as Cameraland NY wont. Before that I used a seller from eBay that sent me another Conquest scope and I can dig out his details if you want. Unfortunately I dont have any pals in the US that would buy and send me a scope… There are some serious bargains in the US especially riflescopes and if you compare US and UK prices it makes you hate them Americans 🙂


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