New rifle – decision

Visiting shops

I visited three main gun shops in Warsaw and handled most of the rifles I wanted.
I played with all sorts of Blasers and Sauers. I knew Blasers, so no surprise R8 Professional Success was great. I was a bit disappointed with Sauer 202 XT Synchro. It never suited me and it didn’t feel comfortable at the shoulder. That was probably the biggest surprise as the spec looks good on paper and I thought I may like it even better than the Blaser, but sadly no…
Steyr Mannlicher SM12 SX was very good, great trigger, they fixed couple of things I never liked on ProHunter and the new stock handled really well. In the same shop I had a chance to play with Haenel and it felt like a budget gun, no comparison to Steyr or even Tikka.
The third shop I went to was a Tikka importer… and they never had the model I wanted to see – Tikka Lite with the cheekpiece.


I gave it some thought, but decided to go for the Blaser R8 Professional Success in .308 Win. Steyr Mannlicher was close second and much cheaper, but Blaser has the edge and some nice features Mannlicher was lacking.
Now I need to find s/h one or more likely find a shot that can find me one for the right money…

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