New deer stalking leases 2012-2013. Forestry Commission Scotland.

Forestry Commission Scotland have 19 areas available for deer control in South and South West. There are a few within quite a short distance from Glasgow. Some look like may have some potential, some look just small and expensive, but hard to say without walking the ground. Closing date for registering interest is 30th July 2012 with viewings taking place on 3rd and 4th August and tenders returned by noon 15th August. New leases will start from 1st October 2012 till 30th June 2013, so it is not a full 12 months lease… All the paperwork, maps and lease descriptions with cull figures and guide price are available here. Please read my previous post on deer stalking syndicates before you fork out your hard earned money…

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  1. hi there im new to stalking and would appreciate it if u could explain the way to go about leasing a peace of land to stalk and what all i need to carry on doing this .i have my dmq level 1 and have now applied for my dmq level 2 i live close to some of your leases it would be great for some information.thanks

    1. Hi David,

      There are generally two ways to get stalking in this country, either get landowner’s permission or join a syndicate. You may be lucky asking your local farmers for permission especially when they have crop or young plantation that needs protection. The other way is to join a syndicate or tender for a lease yourself. In case of Forestry Commission you will need level 2 and other qualifications to tender, so it is easier just to join a syndicate. Other forestry companies usually require only level 1 and insurance.


  2. Hi looking for a link to the other areas in Scotland for lease by the forestry commission. Can’t seem to find it within their site, particularly after the central belt

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      Lease offers appear some time before they are available for tendering and then they disappear from the FC website. If you are after central belt leases FC Scottish Lowlands changed renewal time. All leases were renewed in October and will expire in July. If any new leases become available any info should be on the FC website sometime late Spring. I will try to keep my eyes open and post the link if I find one.


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