Need a new camera… please donate

Many of you may know I have moved back to my homeland… It was not an easy decision to leave Scotland, but I think the right one! After all we all have families and have to do what is best for everyone that we care for and support them!
But, this is not what I wanted to say… πŸ™„ I wanted to say I now have plenty more opportunities to hunt wild boar! πŸ˜†
I do continue doing my videos and I already uploaded “barley buck” video, and new footage will be coming up as soon as I get something.
I am happy to get back to wild boar stalking as this is very addictive. I already bumped onto several pigs and… failed to film the hunt. It was simply too dark for my camera. My Panasonic TM700 simply failed to produce ANY footage. It was simply too dark. I love this camera, but it is not really capable in low light… When you watch the “barley buck” video, you can see the camera struggles in low light a bit, and there is not much I could do to improve the footage in post. It is just hardware limitation…
I would like to get a new camera that is capable in filming in low light such as Canon XA20, G30 or Panasonic W850, there are some options to explore. Unfortunately, they are all about or significatnly above Β£1000 and way above my budget… πŸ™ But I think with decent IR illuminator they could produce decent footage.
I know many of you enjoy my videos and subscribed to my YouTube channel (thanks!), and I do my best trying to upload a new video weekly. I would like to (I will πŸ˜† ) continue doing this and get you more insight into stalking wild boar under the moon in low light, as it is REALLY exciting and unique experience. Also red deer are difficult to film in good light (the rut is coming soon!).
If you can spare a few quid, please hit the donate button. All the money is going towards funding a new camera. In exchange you will be the first to see the new footage and I will get special videos just for the supporters.
No obligations, and I am umbaressed to ask anyway… Thanks again for watching my videos, and I hope the donation is not too much to ask for.
If you represent a company that is in a hunting/shooting industry, your donation will feature any episode filmed with the camrera bought for this collection!

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