My Deer Life by Harry Bimler. Deer hunting book review.

my_deer_lifeGood Santa brought me a few new books this Christmas and the first one I read was My Deer Life by Harry Bimler. The book is a story of a man born in New Zealand starting as a kid shooting birds and rabbits and quickly progressing to pigs and deer and then becoming youngest government deer culler at the age of 15 😯

Harry Bimler writes about his years as a deer culler shooting loads of deer and pigs and his experience when he moved into deer farming in later years. He was always after trophies and the book is full of good pictures. There are separate chapters about thar, sambar, sheep, fallow and author’s hunting trips outside New Zealand.

The book shows how our world has changed over the last 50-60 years… can you imagine a 15 year old kid working on his own as deer culler in remote areas nowadays? 😯 The book shows that with hard work and determination a man can be successful and make living doing what he loves.

One criticism I have about the book, it is not clearly (at least for me…) explaining government deer shooting policy and why New Zealand government agencies did what they did.

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