Murder buck in Poland

What is a murder buck?

Murder buck is a buck that has antlers with no tines and it can be dangerous to other bucks especially during the rut and early Spring when bucks establish their territories. While typical mature roebuck should have a form of a 6-pointer murder buck has just two long spikes. Murder buck is not a yearling spiker, but is a mature or old animal. Roebucks can be quite aggressive towards other bucks during the rut and with these antlers murder buck can easily kill or seriously wound his rivals.

Deer Stalking in Poland

We don’t go to Poland as often as used to but try to visit our families at least once a year. This time it was early August that accidentally coincides with the rut 😆
First we visited my wife’s family and I manged to go out couple of times with my father-in-law. It was really holiday weather with temperatures reaching 35C and only late evenings and early mornings we saw any movement…

One evening we went to an area were we expected to see a few bucks and as soon as we got there there was a wee spiker and young 6-pointer. On the other side of a small wood in a large field of buckwheat three other bucks were spotted. Two young bucks carefully watched an older buck and soon ran away before he even started chasing them. It was a nice buck, probably a bit too nice to be shot so we left him in peace.

When we went back to the previous spot a different buck with a doe appeared. It looked like a good cull animal and we started the stalk. After couple of minutes I was in the position about 100m away sitting and waiting for the buck to pause broadside when he decided to lie down for a while.

I had no choice buck to stand up and made myself ready on the sticks while my father gave a few calls. The buck was not interested but a doe made a few steps away from the buck and he stood up. When I had a clear shot I pulled the trigger and he instantly fell to .30-06.

On closer inspection it was a nice murder buck with long antlers and a good cull animal at 18kg.



Hunting murder buck video

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