Morning doe

I got an invitation from a friend (thanks mate!) to come and help him with roe deer control. He manages roe deer on several plantations not far from where I stay and I really like to go there with him. It is completely different from mature forestry block I usually stalk, and in comparison to the forestry – there are lots of deer… 😆 I quickly accepted his offer and we met the following morning at the usual spot and went to his permission.

I went to a high seat I had been successful before. It is a sheltered grassy area not for from a motorway. The high seat overlooks a nice open space with mature woods on one side and about 10yo plantation behind the high seat.

It was a cold morning. Nothing was moving apart from a cloud of crows that spent the night in the wood in front of me and and some geese. I had been sitting for about 1.5h when I got a text that my mate seen a buck. OK, they were moving late this frosty morning. I kept watching a hedge to my right as previously I saw two deer there and failed to get a shot at them. They were following the hedge and I missed the opportunity to stop them in the only gap in the hedge… I did not want to repeat that again. 🙄

I kept watching the hedge and generally be switched on despite cold feet. 😆 It was almost 9am when I spotted a movement between the trees. I looked through my Zeiss 8×56 binoculars and saw a white spot. It was not moving but the shape looked like a white rump patch of a roe. Only after several minutes I managed to distinguish between the mess of branches and dead leaves a roe looking straight at me. 🙄

I kept still and after a while the deer relaxed and turned its head the other way. I could see now the anal tush and since I could not see any other deer I decided to take this doe if possible.

She was going between the trees and behind the hedge away from me so the only chance would be the gap in the hedge. She paused just a few steps early and when she moved on I barked to stop her. She did not stop so I barked again and this time she paused. Unfortunately just behind the bush… 🙄 but it was just in front of her so I squeezed the trigger anyway.

I could not clearly see her shoulder when pulling the trigger, but she dropped on the spot. I went down just to check and the shot was a bit high, but still in the vitals. It was a nice size roe and one less to damage the plantation.

Deer Stalking Video

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