Man-eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett – book review

It may not be anything new for you, but discovering Jim Corbett’s books was a revelation for me. 😆 I was looking for something new to read and someone mentioned “Man-eaters of Kumaon” by Jim Corbett. I was sceptical at first as in contrary to many hunters I am not really dreaming about African safari or hunting in India (I dont really like hot weather and dangerous animals :roll:) and would rather fancy European, NZ or Russian hunting, but I decided to give it a go as the book was dead cheap off Amazon. I am very glad I got it.
Author describes his adventures of hunting tigers and leopards eating people in India in 1920-1930. This is proper old style writing I thoroughly enjoyed. I cant imagine the horrors he must have seen but his narratives are objective and not that emotional far different from what you would expect nowadays when anything can cause hysteria in the media. Just to mention the scale of things one leopard and one tiger killed over 800 people in one area in a couple of years making life of thousands of people a constant struggle.
The book is well written and I could not put it away. It shows author was respectful and skilled hunter often waiting at the tree overnight and shooting quite long range with open sights. Unbelievable. I have since bought more of Jim Corbett’s books and highly recommend them all.

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