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Roe rut 2013

This year’s rut was very exciting. I saw many nice bucks and shot a couple. I spotted the first signs of the rut later than usually on 27th July with the first bucks called in. Then we went to Poland and the rut was in full swing there with the first week of August being very good, with less activity on the second week of the month. It was a bit too hot sometimes, but there were days when both bucks and does responded nicely to the call. Second week of August was not that good with only young bucks responding.
I managed to call several bucks to very close range that I let go. Some of the footage is presented below and I plan to use some later on to produce some sort of how to call roe deer video. Stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified.


I was out one misty morning, found a place I used to see a nice buck and started calling. I soon spotted a young 6-pointer and a doe, but the buck was not a cull buck and they soon moved out and went towards the wood. I moved on 100m and called again. A young spiker showed up soon, but I was not really interested to take him. He went away, but was looking over the brow to something I could not see from where I was standing. Soon the spiker went back where he came from and another roe appeared.
I initially thought this was another spiker, but his short antlers looked a bit unusual. The sun was up and that was end of deer stalking for me that morning so I decided to take abnormal buck. He was coming closer and crossing the grass field in front of me. I had good back stop so set up the camera on tripod, rifle on the sticks and barked at him. He paused and I squeezed the trigger.
I knew I pulled the shot and thought I missed, but there was visible bullet strike and to my surprise the buck dropped after 20m. 7×64 did the job.
I really like this buck’s unusual antlers and he looks like his mother met a fallow buck in a dark wood… 😆



Deer hunting video

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