I love roe rut

Roe deer rut is my favorite time of a hunting year and calling in a big roebuck is a moment that any stalker will remember. It has been a while since I saw a good buck in the forest so was not really going out with much hope, but even a blank outing is better that staying home 😆

I got to the forest at about 20:00. I went to a sheltered area I knew must have been holding a buck. I saw many fraying marks and some scrapping, but never even saw a gimps of him.  I got to the ride that leads to the place I wanted to spend the evening when, I heard a single bark… I thought that was it. I bumped him and he would not show up today… However, I had no better idea where to go instead, so I went where I initially planned and sat watching the clearing with a tall grass and bracken in front of me.

It was 21:00 when I finally thought I gave it enough time for all the wildlife to settle down and gave a few peeps on Cherrywood caller. I waited for about 10 minutes and gave a few more calls. I soon spotted a movement to my left and a buck popped out from the trees and went between the grass and bracken.

I was desperate to get a good footage and quickly adjusted my camera. It was pointing in the right direction, but the buck was not really visible apart from his head a neck. I took my rifle, checked the camera again and I saw he buck was about to move and rushed the shot… and obviously missed. I could see the bullet strike above the buck’s back and quickly reloaded. The buck made a few steps and paused again confused. This time I got the shot right and he dropped on the spot.

These are the joys of self filming… I cant remember how many times I did not take a shot as was trying to set the camera first… but it is definitely worth the effort if sometimes it all comes together.




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