How to disassemble live ammunition

Everyone who reloads will have to disassemble loaded round for one reason or another. If during load development you find out the load is too hot for the rifle and you see pressure signs, or you made a mistake (or you think you made a mistake…) or you want to salvage some components or seated bullets too deep, there are many reasons to disassemble ammunition. What is the best way to do it? It is possible with a pair of pliers if you have to, 🙄 but two main methods are either with kinetic hammer or some sort of collet die.
I recently had to disassemble some of the .308 Win rounds as they were developed for the rifle I no longer have.
I never had much luck with kinetic hammers and they can be quite messy (powder) and noisy, but I quite like RCBS bullet puller tool.

RCBS Bullet Puller

RSBC bullet puller is a simple die that fits any press that requires caliber specific collet. It is very simple to use and removed bullets have no marks and could be easily reused.


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