How to attach press to reloading bench with G-clamps. Portable solution.

I started reloading with Lee classic loader and got pretty good results with it, but when number of cartridges I reload for increased I progressed to Lee hand press, mainly because it is a press in miniature. It does almost all what a full size press does, but takes very little space. There are some drawbacks, the main being it is a bit too time consuming and physically demanding when loading more rounds in one go, so I got myself a Lee press I bought really cheap 2nd hand. Because I don’t have enough space to have the press permanently attached I looked over the Internet and adapted one of the solutions I saw. I decided to attach the press to a piece of wood and have it attached to my computer desk with two G-clamps. That way I could take it away after loading.

I had a look around the house and found a piece of boar I cut in to three pieces. It was not thick enough, so decided to attach the press to two pieces what should be more solid. The press was attached with 3x M6 screws. The screws were 50mm long and it was enough to go through two pieces of the board.

I used 6mm drill to make three holes and a wood drill bit I found to make two shallow wider holes to cover screw heads. This was I could have the press attached to my computer desk and it would not leave any marks. The third piece of wood goes underneath the desk so G-clamps hold it all together and the desk is not marked in any way.

This might not be the prettiest solution, but I really hate any DIY and if I don’t have to do anything I won’t πŸ™„ This works well and is very solid so I am not going to make any improvements πŸ˜†

If this description is not very clear I hope the video shows all what I did step by step.

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