1. Hi Greg!
    Interesting and great tip you give. We have a Canon so I will get a tripod like that. THanks a lot. I havent thought about it like that.
    We got at last a moose this weekend. But it was a guest who shot it, a bull with nice antlers. I have Picture on my blog.

    1. We are several hunting teams in a area. Ours is 9 000 hectare. The size in that area we can shot depends of last years observations, helicopter inventory from the forrest Company and also shit inventory.
      This year we got only 10 grown, 5 female and 5 bulls OVER 6 tags. It was a lot of hystery in the different teams because the low size to shoot. We got 2 more 7 female. ANd we have to call in when they are shoot. We have 3 and free calves. THe other teams have 1-2 grown. So when the teams report it will be ended when 7 and 5 are shoot.
      We dont have that many bulls but now is two 8 and one 10 tag bull fallen. Two females. THe moose tribe is unfortunately going down. Hard shooting the last years …..we notice that now.
      I dont like it at all. The forrest Company and the private forrest owner want the moose tribe to be smaller. Keep the females , take the bulls 2 or 10 tags , who cares. It will Always be a bull coming to the females for mating. And also shoot the calves.
      My feelings just now for the moose hunt is very low.

      Check out my blog friend Emma , living in the North of Sweden. THey have much bigger moose than us in the South of Sweden



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