First deer hunt in 2014

A friend invited me to join him stalking Saturday morning. We planned to go on a New Year’s Day, but weather was not great and we postponed till Saturday. It was a nice dry morning (finally 🙄 ) and after having dome problems with a car we eventually got to plantation. I had been there couple of times before I knew area well enough so we split to double our chances. I went to a high seat overlooking a ride. I seat in a high seat only for a short while when I noticed a movement on the edge of the ride.

Soon enough a doe came out and was staring my direction. It was a bit on a far side but I increased magnification in my Zeiss 6.5-20×50 scope and the rest felt solid. The doe stood broadside and I breathed out and squeezed the trigger.

The doe ran off at speed. I did not see the bullet strike I thought I had missed. I texted my friend and he suggested to go out and check, so I did.

When I was walking along the ride another deer came out, but I was not comfortable shooting free hand and let it go. I made to the place where the doe was when I pulled the trigger and to my surprise I found paint and pins. 😆

There was a splash of frothy blood on the ride indicating a lung shot, but then I could not find any obvious signs showing where the deer went. I followed roughly in the direction I thought she went and after a few minutes I eventually found her in the part where the larches grew, this time of year with no needles and it was easier to spot her.

It was a big girl. I left my knife in the rucksack still at the high seat 🙄 so I grabbed the doe and started dragging her back to the high seat. Fortunately my friend turned up and gralloched the doe before we went back to the car.

Nice to be out and hopefully, as the old hunting superstitious says, it should be a good year!

First deer 2014 – Video

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  1. Congrats again! You are very lucky to get a roe often 🙂
    We had a good day today. Trym and VIlja did a great hunt. We where 3 hunters and had the roes near coming but did get our scent and did´nt came to us.
    But good work from the dogs, tomorrow out again.
    We only have January to hunt with the dogs. Now we are lucky to have good wheather. But colder wheather is coming.

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