“Deer Stalking and Management” by Lewis Potter. Review.

“Deer Stalking and Management” by Lewis Potter is quite new deer stalking book first published in 2008. It looks really good with a roebuck photo on front cover. Pictures by Brian Phipps are really good and there are plenty of them inside the book.

Author starts with describing all six UK deer species. As I said, backed up with good pictures and distribution maps. Following chapter is about deer damage and and again good photos showing bark stripping and browsing. There is also a large chapter about rifles, sound moderators and deer calibres and ballistics which seems to be authors speciality followed by description of stalking and management techniques as well as quite detailed description of gralloch and butchering.

“Deer Stalking and Management” by Lewis Potter is another book I recommend and great pictures of Brian Phipps really add value to this book.

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