December 2018 Patreon promo

Since Youtube decided to demonetize videos showing guns, I started looking at alternative sources of income to help with the costs of running the channel and my websites. After some digging, I decided to give Patreon a go. like the idea of Pateron as it basically is a crowd funding, but extended in time. For me and many Youtubers it makes more sense to have a smaller, but regular income than raising a particular sum for the project.

On Patreon you can pledge a small amount, as little as $1 (Not even 1 beer! Would you not buy me a buy if we met? 😉 ) and support my channel. There are various perks only Patrons get for their support. There are various tiers, but now until end of 2018 subscribing to one tier you get the benefits assigned to the next tier (so if you pledge $1 you get $3 perks, if you pledge $3 you basically become $5 tier patron and so on…).

Patrons are my super fans. They get to see the videos first, know what I am currently working on and from time to time I get “Patreon special” version of the videos for them. Here is an example of one of these Patreon special “uncensored” videos I published in Spring.

If you like my videos, please consider supporting the channel. I may not be much to you, but every $ helps.



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