Christmas roe deer hunting, Scotland.

Early start

I woke up at 5:30 and after a quick coffee was in the car and on my way to the forestry. The snow all melted and the track was really wet so I left my car quite a distance away from the forestry and walked up the track and to the gate.

I wanted to have a look at the place I frequently visit and had seen roe, but never managed to get one this season. It is not easy to stalk as deer can see me from far away and wind is usually not in my favor. When I got to the edge of the trees I immediately spotted one and then second roe on the moor. They were coming towards the forestry, but again were in the place quite difficult to stalk. They were also on the top of the hill with no safe backstop, so a long shot was not possible either. I had to try getting any closer or find other deer somewhere else…


No backstop

I decided to give it a go and try to get a bit closer. I slowly stalked along the edge of the forestry stopping every time when deer stopped  feeding. After a few minutes I was tucked behind a small tree 50-60m away from the deer. Not the best position as the wind started swirling around and they were still on the top of the hill with no safe backstop.

Suddenly, I felt the wind on the back of my neck and the two roe were gone… I was sure it was all for today, but slowly stalked forward along the fence. I could not see them over the hill. Well… they were lucky again, I thought.  I made a few more steps when I saw them running to the woods. The doe jumped the fence and got between the trees without hesitation giving me no chance, but the kid stopped for a moment.

That was what I was waiting for. I rested my elbow on one of the fence post and got the roe on the cross hairs. When I was pulling the trigger the roe jumped… I saw I fell on the spot, but I knew the shot was not good. I could see its head between the grass, facing away from me, so I put the cross hairs between the ears and shot again. This time it was a good shot…

The first shot was too far back and I am happy I got a chance of the second shot as soon as possible. I think she would have bled quite quickly as she did not hear me getting closer and was facing away from me unaware, but I think it is always better to shoot again if in doubt.



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