Calling roebucks in rut with Hubertus Cherrywood call

I love calling roebucks and the rut is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, this season I have had not been out many times during the rut… 😥 Work and other commitments prevented my from going out and also problems with syndicate ground meant there was no usual place to visit… But there are plenty roe deer around Glasgow and I do not have to travel far to see deer. Weather was really bad this year and it was so wet I did not see any rutting activity till probably early August. Usually there is some action at least in last week of July, but I did not see any.

Hubertus Cheerywood Call

Hubertus cherrywood is on of my favorite calls. I carry this and Buttolo in my pocket during roe rut, but always start with Hubertus call. It is not as loud and I cover it with my hand to suppress the sound a bit further in case a buck is nearby. I give a few short calls with 1-2 seconds between them, and then wait a minute or two and repeat with a few more calls. If nothing moves for a few minutes I then I start calling louder not covering the call with my hands or move to Buttolo.

Hubertus call is well made and I really like it is not made of plastic. It feels more natural and I subconsciously take it out my pocket first. It is also one of the cheapest on the market at the moment. There is also a screw on top to tune the pitch of the sound. Higher kid sound is quite easy to achieve and it is easy to call in does if one wants to practice.

Nice old buck called in

I could not go out with my rifle, but staying home when we finally had one fine dry evening was too much for me. I put a call in my pocket, grabbed my camera and went outside the city where I used to see some roe deer on a rough patch of ground. I left my car on the side of a local road and went 20m further and found a nice spot with a young tree behind me to get at least some cover. I gave a few calls on Hubertus call and immediately saw a buck running towards me. He was 40-50m away and with his head down he was possibly following doe’s track. I gave two more blows on the call, his head was up and he ran towards me. He came to about 15m. Nice old buck probably going back with short tines, but nice thick coronets. The wind was not great and soon he caught my wind and was off…

Great experience, being there during the rut even without rifle is so rewarding.


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