A yearling button buck. Sixth roebuck of the season 2011, Scotland.

During Summer months when the sun rises early it is possible for me to go out stalking, shoot a beast, gralloch, go back home and still be at work for 9:00, but in September it is not easy. Anyway, I decided to give it a go, and took some clothes with me to the car in order to change after the stalk and go straight to work if necessary.

I was early near the gate to the forestry, but with a sunrise quite late at this time of year I just sat down on the track near the gate waiting. I really wanted to hear if stags started roaring. It was very quiet, but could not hear anything.

It was still early when I spotted a roe on the side of the track. I was not sure what it was, but put the rifle on the sticks and waited. The roe crossed the road and disappeared on the other side, but another one showed up. I suspected it was a doe with her kid, but watched the second roe through the riflescope anyway.

When it paused on the track I could see small bumps on the head and I knew it was a young button buck. He was about to follow the first roe so I quickly pulled the trigger and it went down. I slowly approached it after a few minutes.

This time the shot was a bit forward than usual and the bullet caught the shoulder. The SST made a bit of  a mess, but Sako soft point 150 grain rounds I had been using previously performed the same or worse on roe, so cannot complain really…

Sixth roebuck of the season 2011

I do keep all heads and even a button buck deserves to have a place somewhere among other trophies.

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