“A Passion for Stalking” by J.Darcy. Best book I have read this year. Review.

I got “A passion for deer stalking” by Darcy Books for Christmas, with a few other books I still have to read. This is definitely something different from the usual educational and “how to” books. This is a compilation of a few stories gathered in a single book. It looks like J. Darcy invited a few deer stalkers to write a few stories about their common passion – deer stalking. Anyone who follows British deer stalking and hunting forums will come across some of the authors. The book is also free from the usual “I got the stag with my Blaser R8 with Swaro Z6i scope counting his points looking through £2000 Leica binos”. I really enjoyed reading it.

The book has very good photographs and is definitely well worth £9.95. Highly recommended.

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