A look at life from a deer stand by Steve Chapman – book review

I have good collection of deer books from Poland, UK and other European countries as well as some from New Zealand. What I dont have is a good book about American deer hunting, so I started to look for anything I could cheaply get off Amazon and the first one I bought was A look at life from a deer stand by Steve Chapman.
This is not a typical deer hunting book and I should have checked that before buying… 🙄 This book is more like self help book that supposed to make you a better person. It is not my favorite type of reading and I don’t really like listening to someone preaching, but there are bits about deer hunting too. 😆 Each chapter basically follows similar structure. Introduction and some deer hunting story followed by a moral. So if you dont like this moralizing bit, just skip the last page of two of each chapter and it is not too bad. Oh, and skip the guy’s lyrics too… 😆

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