A good stalk and third Polish roebuck of the season 2011 bagged.

After a few days with my father-in-low, I had a day or two to go out near my parent’s place. I still had a permission to take one buck so packed and went out to spent an evening on a high seat.

I picked up a new high seat in one of my favorite spots. There used to be a high tower many years ago, but it fell apart and a new high seat was built. I remember seeing wild boar here as well as red and roe deer. I also shot one of my first woodcocks opposite the high seat one April evening (when it was still legal, thanks EU…).

I sat and watched a doe feeding in from of me and a young stag appeared after a few minutes, but no bucks. Suddenly, the doe started barking and staggie moved away. I hopped wild boar are moving somewhere, but all went quiet.

Mosquitoes were also really bad. Not as bad Scottish midge population but big and mean…

I decided to have a look at the same place following evening. I thought I heard a movement behind the high seat at the last light, but could not see a thing. It could have been a buck, as there were some scraping and fraying. It was just too dark to see anything.

I was a bit early today. Firstly, I wanted to have a look on the plantation behind the high seat to see if the buck was laying up somewhere enjoying the sun. I had a feeling he must be here somewhere and when I moved a few steps closer, a buck run. I put the rifle on the sticks and barked on the buck. He was still running but I barked again and he stopped. I could see it is mature buck with short tines. He was looking back at me and the only choice was to shoot him on the shoulder.  After I pulled the trigger I lost the sight of him, but then spotted a young tree shaking, so he was down.

Not in a great condition at 16kg with quite a few ticks on him.

7×64 worked well as usually.

Third roebuck of the season 2011

His head joins other trophies in my collection.

third roebuck 2011

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