It’s been a while since I posted something new. It was a busy year for myself and the family, especially second half of the year – new job, new place… I somehow neglected the blog and YouTube, I simply couldn’t manage weekly video schedule and not even went out stalking as often as I would like, but I feel the New Year is going to be better.
I managed to secure some shooting relatively close to where I currently stay and it is difficult peri-urban environment stretching to about 5kha, but there are some nice roebucks and occasional wild boar, so should be possible to get some good vids starting this Spring. I also gained access to forestry blocks full of red deer, so hopefully some red deer rut could be filmed in September.
I managed to go out couple of times during Christmas/New Year break, so there will be some new videos coming soon. I also plan to get a new rifle, so maybe couple of reviews or reloading vids may also appear. Time permitting I will try to go back if not weekly then bi-weekly schedule.
All the best in the New Year and thanks for watching and following!

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