Kolvkam.se – comb raiser for my Blaser R8 Professional Success

I remember the first time I saw Blaser Professional Success stock in a shooting magazine and I thought it was one of the ugliest looking stocks I ever seen… 😉 That was before I had a chance to try one. Once I tried it, I fell in love with it. About a year ago, I was in the process of buying a new rifle and tried several different rifles at that time, but none was even close to the handling of the R8 Professional Success. I had been using the R8 almost exclusively for over a year and the only thing I did not like was the fact that when I was using a red dot sight on a picatinny rail I could not get a good cheek weld. I started using an adjustable cheek raiser mounted on the stock, but it was not ideal. Unfortunately Blaser currently is not offering adjustable comb option for the Success stock, but I found Swedish company Kolvkam that offers quality service for many guns and rifles, including R8 Professional Success model.

I removed Blaser action from the stock and shipped the stock to Sweden. I do not hunt a lot in March so it was a good time to do that. After couple of weeks I received the modified stock back. I was very impressed with the quality and turn around time. I quickly put the rifle back together and went on the range. The zero never changed, even after action removal, and the rifle’s handling improved even further. Kolvkam did a very neat job. I like the quality of their work on the stock and the adjustable comb is a great improvement. Now I can get perfect cheek weld no matter if using a scope, red dot or open sights. The product comes with two types of screws: large knobs and small screws, that can be hidden in the stock. There is a small key included in the package as well. I like the knobs better and they make the adjustment faster and when the bolt has to be removed.
I believe Blaser Professional Success stock is very good, but with Kolvkam comb raiser is even better. It is a well worth investment and I highly recommend it.

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